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Our Story... (future blog)

Skye Gina Pilato 

March 7, 1995 - September 30, 2014.... 

Skye had hopes and dreams to become a nurse. She wanted to help others. The reason that she wanted to help others is, as in her words, "so that no one would have to feel the pain I feel." She believed that no one deserves to have their life taken away, as she felt her life was.  

Skye was raped at age 12. There was a time in her life when she didn't care about anything, about living. She did whatever she could do to kill the pain and that included taking drugs and two incomplete suicides. It wasn’t all on her though, as she felt. You see, outside looking in from the perspective of a parent, family member, teacher and friend, part of it was that it was hard to understand what she was living with. She was in her own world and it was hard as a parent knowing what to do and that others didn’t understand her behaviors either. The lack of compassion and understanding from others towards her made it so difficult to get through the simple things sometimes. However, with special care, love, support, time and help, she (we) did learn compassion and understanding of what was happening in our lives. She grabbed onto life again for a great couple of years. I was so proud of her, of the two of us. Later in her life, she was raped again at age 19 and life became difficult once again, very fast this time... 2 months to be exact. She diverted to what she had done before to "take away the pain". She died of a drug overdose. She tried, and she tried so hard...to fulfill her dreams. She wanted to help others.  God had his plans though.  I am so proud of her strength and her ability to love, given the circumstances she endured.  

Skye often and proudly doodled "Spread Your Wings and Fly" and would sign off on her poetry as "Skye's the Limit". She had a creative, kind, loving, caring, adventurous and brave spirit about her. She always likened herself to a bird, as she would imagine herself gracing the sky... flying free... Her spirit lives on today and will forever - Skye Bird!  

I am taking on her spirit and doing whatever I can to help others in the way I can, in the way I was a mother to her. When she wasn’t reading (she always had a book in her hand since she was a baby!) and creating music on her guitar, we spent a lot of time together. We made art, we took adventures, we sang and danced together, we played together and she never turned down going out on adventures together, just the two of us and sometimes a friend of hers would join us too. We took great joy in our hikes together and would also go out on kayak rides. We could have stayed out on the water forever but we always had to make sure we got back in time so we wouldn't get charged an extra hour for the kayak rental (haha)! We did an overnight camping and 14-mile kayak trip down the Delaware together. Being on and a part of the water was a place of peace for her (she was a great swimmer by the way), and for me too. As we were living with trauma, it was "an integral part of her (and our) healing and recovery process. (trauma source: www.samhsa.gov)" 


I hope to be able to use my experiences as a parent and as a parent living with grief to help those in need of positive engagements by starting The Skye's the Limit Foundation. 

Please join me and let's "Spread our Wings and Fly" because "The Skye's the Limit!" 

Peace and Love to everyone, 

Keiko and Skye in Spirit 


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