A call to community action!

Dear Friends,

I am in the beginning stages of building an organization envisioned and founded upon the trauma related loss of my daughter, Skye Gina Pilato (03/07/1995-09/30/2014).  Skye’s the Limit Foundation will impact many lives in a positive way, in a way that will potentially save lives.  I need your help though. I cannot do it alone.  

As a parent of a child navigating the physiological responses caused by trauma (to most observers, also called “bad” behavior) I am a strong advocate of trauma informed care.  By not being informed, it created a barrier for healing and positive growth not only within our family life but in school life as well.  It is pertinent that ALL members, succinctly, of a community, a school, a family, become trauma informed to be able to provide the appropriate care and compassion needed for an individual to build resiliency and empower positive growth within themselves.  

One of our primary focus is to advocate for and support organizations (nationally and globally), such as schools, to become a “Trauma Certified Organization” by coordinating and assisting in the certification process such as that which is offered by the Arizona Trauma Institute.  Their method addresses the physiological source of the behavior, focuses on building relational connections (because, for example, trust, is something that is not easily regained after an adverse experience) and walks away from the traditional and systematic labeling method and treatment of behavior.  

As way to rebuild a relational connection  with Skye and to heal our relationship after her traumatizing experience of being raped, we did many activities together including kayaking.  Kayaking, and hiking, was our glue.  I can recall how Skye took great pride and showed great confidence when navigating our 14-mile, overnight camping and kayak ride down the beautiful and peaceful Delaware River streaming through the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During our time of healing to the time of her passing, we enjoyed each other and loved each other with deep and purposeful conviction. 

Our Kayaking Program focuses on healing, building positive relationships and trust, empowerment and providing a space for self reflection and peace. 

Skye wanted to help others, "so that no one would have to feel the pain I feel."  She had hopes and dreams to become a nurse.  To carry on her dream, pass her light onto others, and in her spirit to help others, Skye's the Limit Foundation is building a Scholarship Fund to support students majoring in nursing.  

Overall, we will advocate for and support, nationally and globally, initiatives focused on building trusting relationships,  resiliency, empowerment and  trauma informed communities, one step at a time. 

We are reminded through Skye's spirit to reach for the good, the best in us all and to care for and love others with compassion.  

Please consider donating to help build and sustain our organization, mission and programs.  Perhaps you are not in the position to donate right now, it’s completely understandable, however, maybe your place of work or company provides or offers a matching gift program or community grants. Your reach out to garner support is just as important in helping us move forward with our mission.  

Your support would be very much appreciated and would be instrumental in building our youth, families and communities up.  

Skye’s the Limit! 

Keiko Ratcliffe

Mother of Skye

Founder, Ex. Director 

Skye’s the Limit! Foundation 

Please Contact Keiko at:  keiko@skyesthelimit.org to learn how your donation can support the mission of Skye's the Limit! Foundation  


Seeking: YEAR ONE and TWO Start -Up Support

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